About The Balkans to go

The Balkans to go – a place not only for people with passion for the Balkans, but for those who want to visit this region or to know more about it. For those, who are curious of people with fascinating personalities, love nature and travel. Here, you will able to get to discover interesting multicultural societies and exploretheir world. Conscious travel is not only about being on holiday and taking some nice photos but it is an encounter with another culture. We are beyond excited when we are offered achance to show someone our city or special hidden places. We go with them and show a favorite pub or a gallery, reveal tricks how to travel for cheap, how to not overpay and how to behave in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. It will also be good to read our blog so you could take with you a proper hand luggage and start your journey in the Balkans!


Who is The Balkans to go?


Anna Sołoninko – the creator and editor-in-chief of The Balkans to go, film expert, traveler, Balkan addict . Currently working in PR, a journalist, a doctoral student. I graduated from Slavic and Polish philology. My Balkan love began in Croatia, continued in Macedonia and as a volunteer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While studying in Belgrade, I fell in love with Serbia and is not going to stopped love me.  With the help of others, I draw on the meaning of living and sharing passions. That’s why I co-created the project Bzik za Bzika under Animatoria Laboratory, which was appreciated by the S3KTOR 2011 award. I conducted numerous workshops, lectures, slides, or organized unforgettable expeditions. A year without attending the Sarajevo Film Festival is a lost year for me;-). I really wants to publish my book in the future. And for now I would like to share with you my knowledge, experience and expertise.

Whenever  I can,  I am in the Balkans. I love traveling and being on the road. With friends, I went on a trans-Siberian railway to visit Lake Baikal, found harmony with nature in the Gobi Desert, and traveled alone to Nepal for trekking.

I will be not alone. Collaborator writers will be presented  in the coming posts.

They are like me ;-), a passionate people who want to bring their Balkans closer to you and want to show their multi-facetedness and break the stereotypes.

You can help to create this unique place! Want to share your travel experiences? Have you been to an interesting gallery or a concert? Or maybe there is something we should be interested in? Please write to us at balkanstogo@gmail.com We will be happy to answer your emails!