Christmas fairy tale in Zagreb

 For one month in a year, the capital of Croatia changes into a magical winter land, thanks to the Christmas market, which has already been awarded the best prize in Europe three times. Save the best for …. Advent in Zagreb!

During the Advent period, a lot of tourists visit Zagreb to walk among decorated trees, stalls with handicrafts, illuminated monuments and places offering mulled wine, sweets and other delicacies. Still, although the holidays are behind us, cities decorations are telling their visitors a magical story. Unfortunatelly, this year, I couldn’t be there due to my sickness. After receiving some beautifull photos sended by Danka, my friend from Zagreb, I was very curious if the capital city festive illuminations have changed since I was there last year. Her report takes us to the capital city, where the specialists put a lot of work to make everything looks the best, despite the fact of not participating in this year’s competition for the most beautiful winter fair in Europe.

Last year – me and my friend Helena


Strossmayer’s promenade, according to Danka, should be in the center of attention, with so many little houses full of great food, drinks, bikes, ski, and other similar winter propositions and all of it with this marvelous view on Zagreb! “And in the tunnel connecting two streets: Mesnička i Radićeva, you can find true magic, something different, not so commercial”, Danka said. „It’s the charm, that is not visible at first. This year, we have a magic forest, based on the story of the most popular children’s writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić „Šuma Striborova“. One foreing boy even commented that the it was „super cool”, and with that, I would like to leave the opinion to you. Also, I forgot to mention that we have a “Szopki krakowskie” photo exhibition prepared by Historical Museum in Cracow and Polish Embassy in Zagreb. With this litlle presence on Ana’s blog, I would like to wish you all great upcoming days”. 



Enjoy of more photos!

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