Spomenik – My first short movie about The Balkans

Travelling is not only about discovering places, meeting people, but there are also photos and movie, which are my passion as well. I love architecture and it’s recreations and that’s the reason I cannot walk near these fascinating Yugoslavia’s monuments and abstract shapes without reaction.

On my blog I’ll be showing you non-typical places, outside of usual touristic routs. During former Yugoslavian times revolution statues (spomenik/ spomenici) were not only memory spots to celebrate some events, but also pieces of art from sculptural and architectural point of view. There were often situated in a beautiful nature surroundings and their abstract and majestic forms are impressive to that day. They used to be an important meeting places, parades, touristic attraction, but nowadays are rather forgot. Still, they are fascinating to some people, especially to foreigners. This was my case as well. I wanted to get to know everything about their history, and I will be sharing that subject with you here. First one will be Podgarić. Before I start, I would like to hear your question.


This is also my very first short movie on my blog. I truly hoe you’ll like it. Concerning the fact that I’m a big fan of out of the mainstream productions, don’t expect stock, photoshopped shoots from me. I also wanted to show you that everybody can make their own movie and not necessarily had to be an expert on this matter. What really counts is an idea and I’m very curious about your opinion on it.
All the materials were prepared during my last year’s journey on a May break. I’m the author as well as almost all of my photos on the blog. LenaMi from MWAY helped me with film editing, and without her this movie could not make it.

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